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CSL can walk you through the electric vehicle transportation process, answer any questions you may have, and provide a no-pressure, no-obligation transportation quote. We encourage you to learn about the auto transportation process so that you can keep your electric vehicle safe during transportation. Visually inspect your car, as well as taking pictures for your records, should any damages occur throughout the car transport process. After washing the car, take pictures of any damages on the inside and outside of the car.

Provide the dispatcher from the moving company that picked your vehicle an extra set of keys. If you do this prior to the company’s request, you will have taken one step further in the transportation process. Getting your vehicle shipped from a specialized car hauler is the best way to ensure that it gets where it needs to go, without you having to worry about it.

When you are moving a car, auto transportation services are only as reliable as the transportation company that you are working with. To provide peace of mind and to put the logistics in the hands of professionals, hiring an auto transportation company is your best bet. Just like with any car, truck, motorcycle, quad, or Jet Ski, delivering your hybrid or electric car safely requires the experience of a reputable auto transportation company. Guardian Auto Transport, for instance, has a lot of experience with EV transportation, and includes insurance with all their rates — so you know your vehicle will arrive safe and secure.


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Because electric and hybrid vehicles are still a small number, they are something that a lot of auto transport companies and mechanics do not deal with. Most of the time, companies that charge more, or decline to carry EV/hybrid vehicles at all, are doing so due to a lack of information. Due to larger batteries and increased weight, many car transportation companies will charge more for transporting a hybrid or electric car.

Most transport companies are now shipping EVs for about the same price as conventional vehicles. Electric cars are growing in popularity, meaning that shipping companies must adapt to those vehicles transport needs. It is not that different even for an electric vehicle shipment versus one for a gas-powered car shipped to another state, city, or international location.

It might sound fancy to send your vehicle to another country, but it is a better choice in certain circumstances. Open-air vehicle shipping is also one of the most cost-effective ways of moving your vehicle from one city to another, across state lines, or one side of the country to another. Move Car offers some of the most convenient vehicle transport services in North America.

Shipping your vehicle can be your best, most cost-effective alternative to buying new. Shipping is the most convenient, fastest, and safest way to move your vehicle anywhere in the U.S. Just because your car is electric does not mean that you have to pay extra to ship it, so steer clear of companies that claim otherwise.

Your electric vehicle will be turned off for the whole auto-shipping process, meaning that shipping it is no more dangerous than a conventional vehicle. Your electric car will be turned on only while being loaded and unloaded by the transport truck, ship, or plane. It will not be turned on while it is being transported, unless it is being loaded onto the truck, ship or airplane. You do not have to discharge the car battery prior to shipping, provided that it is protected from short circuits.


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Transport regulations are the same for HEVs and electric cars as they are for regular cars; it is just that when you are shipping, there are regulations on the battery itself. Careful transportation of any size of lithium-ion battery is controlled by the strict regulations of the countries the carriers are required to follow in order to secure the vehicles.

These types of vehicles also can require a company to take additional care, get additional permits, and have a different set of equipment in order to move batteries made up of lithium-ion in a safe manner. Moving electric cars also can require additional legwork for a transportation companies time, such as lithium battery training, getting special licenses, and providing specific equipment for safe battery movement. Unfortunately, most vehicle moving companies lack the necessary licenses, and your car might be uninsured.

As long as a carrier takes necessary safety precautions, this kind of vehicle is not any more dangerous to transport than a gas-powered or diesel-powered car. Modern safety procedures for transporting vehicles can apply to electric cars and gasoline cars alike. Todays transportation standards ensure your electric car is safe and secure during the whole trip, whether it is through cities, states, or even across the globe. The modern transportation standards guarantee that your car will remain safe and secure throughout its entire journey.

While your electric vehicle will be thoroughly checked by 22-points when you pick it up, it is important to take the time to prep the car as well before the transportation deadline. Before transportation, all cars must undergo a regular service check.

These will be helpful if you have to make insurance claims about damages caused by shipping. This will help you make an insurance claim if something goes wrong during the shipment. When booking your Car Shipping Service, be sure to verify the status of the companies registration by visiting the U.S. Department of Transportations Website.

If you have any specific questions about transporting a hybrid or electric car, contact the experts in HEV and electric vehicle transportation at CSL Auto Transport at (866) 561-4820, or get an instant car transportation quote. Other car carriers are still happy to move electric vehicles, new or used. Because of that, shipping a hybrid/electric car requires extra licenses, additional care, and special equipment to transport Lithium-Ion batteries because of potential hazards… WolfePack Cargo Transportation has the required licensing in place to move your car.

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