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Get a prompt quote to have your vehicle shipped, with insurance costs included in the price. Most carriers will include your vehicle transportation insurance costs as part of your order shipment cost. Generally, car transport insurance provided by carriers will not cover any damages to your vehicles interior. The car haulers insurance covers your car only, and nothing on your belongings inside.

As a vehicle transportation company, you must make sure that you are carrying the proper insurance that will cover any damages that might happen to a car that you are transporting. It depends on your policy, but some insurance companies will cover your car during transportation. If you are not going to be driving it at all, you might not need an auto insurance policy on your vehicle while it is being transported. If there is a crash when someone has your vehicle, depending on the circumstances, either your insurance or the drivers insurance might apply.

If someone does not have their own car insurance policy, they should consider getting a non-owners policy to get the bare minimum liability coverage. It is for this reason that we strongly encourage car owners to get their own car insurance policy before they ship. No car owner is required to purchase individual car transport insurance simply for the sake of having his or her car shipped by a freight company.

Despite what many believe, car transportation insurance does not cover much. When customers ask for car transportation insurance, they are actually asking for freight insurance, since this is the insurance that covers the damages done to a car while it is being transported. Most transport companies also carry cargo insurance which covers extra damages that occur during the car shipping process. For instance, a brokers auto transportation insurance may offer additional coverage for certain types of damages.

A broker may offer supplemental coverage, but their transporters auto insurance does not kick in if your vehicle is damaged while being transported. If your car is damaged, or shipping results in total loss, your carriers auto transportation insurance should offer some or all of your compensation. If the Carrier refuses to pay for any claim and takes no responsibility for any damage, if the Customer elects to elect supplemental coverage from the Transporter, then the Carrier will cover damages. The Customer agrees that Bulldog Auto Transport is not responsible for any claim of property damage against Customer Motor Vehicles should Customer choose to forgo a supplemental insurance option, and his, her, or their only recourse is against Carrier.

The Carrier and Transport Company shall not be held responsible for any charges incurred by not using a motor vehicle, including without limitation, car rentals, interest, or any other charges due to delays in the delivery or injury of a motor vehicle. If vehicles are damaged, whether while being transported or awaiting transportation, Transport Company and Carrier will not be held responsible; owners will need to file claims with their own insurance company or absorb losses. Customer Agrees Any claim of damages or losses of any type may be submitted with the National Express Auto Transport Assistance Department, however all liability shall rest with Carrier (or Shipper in ocean cases) since they are in charge of vehicle.

National Express Auto Transport needs these two documents to assist in opening a claim with the carrier and/or carrier insurance, if any damage occurs to the vehicle(s). At any time, customers can request and obtain a copy of the operating authorities of National Express Auto Transport, and also an insurance certificate of insurance of the vehicle(s) being transported by the carrier.

Dealer confirms that, in signing this agreement, National Express Auto Transport and National Express Auto Transports assigned carriers are fully authorized to transport the vehicle(s) on the dealers behalf. By a customers signature or his/her agents signature, or by acceptance on-line, the transportation company and the agent, together and severally, are authorized to manage and transport the vehicle[s] from a specified Point of Origin or Destination, through a licensed, registered, insured, bonded, motor carrier. Customers understand that neither National Express Auto Transport nor the carriers are responsible for items within a vehicle, since carriers insurance does not cover items within the vehicle, since they are not licensed to carry household items, and are licensed to carry only motor vehicle freight.

If you have personal items inside the car and they damage it, it is not covered under the carriers Cargo Insurance Policy. It is up to you to check a vehicle transporters insurance coverage, and verify their limits of coverage are large enough to replace your car should it break down or become damaged while being transported. If their insurance is problematic, and your own policy may offer coverage, keep in mind you will need to pay the deductible out-of-pocket, and that your premiums may rise following the accident. If you discover any new damages after the transportation, a representative who examines the vehicle should document them extensively, and you should file a claim with the transportation company’s insurance.

How much your vehicle is insured for depends on the type of trailer, company, and value of your car. If you are shipping a vehicle in a trailer that is capable of carrying eight or more vehicles, $350,000 in insurance is shared among all of the vehicles.

If you are looking to transport vehicles, you need to get the right kind of insurance. If you are hauling vehicles, you will need the right kind of coverage, with the right amount, to make sure that your car, and your finances, are protected. If you order a car shipment from SGT Auto Transport, the car insurance coverage costs no additional fees. The likelihood that anything could go wrong is not likely, but a reputable auto shipping company will offer shipping insurance for your peace of mind.

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