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If you have questions about shipping your fleet vehicles, and/or want a FREE quote without obligation, be sure to contact CSL Auto Transport today. At CSL Auto Transport, we are here to handle all your fleet transportation needs, and we take pride in offering outstanding customer service. Whether you need a local delivery or if you need a vehicle fleet shipped state-to-state, we are the company you should call. From classic cars to high-value corporate fleet vehicles, The Auto Shipping Group delivers it wherever you need it to go — effectively and safely.

From stock cars and trucks to restored classics, coast-to-coast or a few hundred miles away, we can move them for you. We provide auto transport services to and from all popular routes in the United States, as well as tougher areas that have little to no transportation service. Our Fleet Transport Service will schedule a vehicle pickup at one or several locations, and deliver your vehicle to its ultimate destination.

We Will Transport It Fleet transport is ideal for inventory at a car lot, corporate cars, government vehicles, or private car pickups. With the worry-free car moving services at Freedom Auto Transport, you do not have to worry about the safe delivery of your fleet.

We partner with top carriers in the auto moving business to get your car moved from where you need it picked up from, to where you need it shipped. We are devoted to your vehicles care and delivery, and we have spent years perfecting safe, reliable, and convenient transportation methods for all of your vehicle transportation needs, regardless of if you are an enclosed or open-carrier. We here at Webster Hauling are proud to assist you with any vehicle transportation or transportation needs, so give us a call or fill out our form today for top-notch service from one of the best companies in the business. If you are interested in getting a FREE vehicle transportation quote for moving your car anywhere in the US, Webster Hauling has you covered.


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Reliable Carrier Read author reviews Share your experiences with this company that hauls all types of vehicles. Dynamic Auto Movers Read Author Review Share your experience with this company Offering transportation across the country including to Alaska and Hawaii. Easy Auto Ship Share your experience with this company Offers car transportation solutions across the country.

To give you the best possible service, American Auto Transport offers our Damage-Free Guarantee or well help you pay. If there is any damage to your car while being transported, and your carriers insurance does not cover it, American Auto Shipping will help cover your personal insurance deductible.

Cargo carriers are not licensed or insured to carry personal belongings or household items, however, American Auto Shipping does realize you might want to place certain items into the car. Other charges may apply to getting the car on to, and off of, a carrier. You will have to factor in transportation times involved in moving a fleet of vehicles. If you require transporting more vehicles than you can fit in one truck, your transportation time is typically longer than normal.

They might have just a truck running up and down their route, so your vehicles shipment timing will be dependent on where their trucks are along that route. The other issue with working with carriers directly is finding one that will carry your particular kind of vehicle, along your particular delivery route, on your timeline.

If we can move your car faster by brokering with one of our trusted partner carriers, without compromising on safety and our stellar customer service that we are known for, we will. We always try to get cars shipped on our own trucks first (acting as the transporter), but if we can get the vehicle to your destination faster using one of our trusted partner carriers, we will (acting as a broker). Leaving time to plan will lead to a lower cost quote on your fleet transport, however, we Will Transport IT can also work out an expedited contract if you need a vehicle shipped quickly. CSL Transport can assist with moving your fleet from location to location, or helping disperse new units to a particular site or location.


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We offer long-distance towing, interstate and state-to-state vehicle shipping, auction hauling, expedited services, and much more. Covering all 50 states. We built our car moving business entirely from the ground up with these ideals at the forefront of our business. This means your car, truck, SUV, van, motorcycle, or boat is completely protected from the time it is picked up to when it arrives. Enclosed Auto Shipping means that your car will be transported on an enclosed trailer, which allows your car to go from pick-up to drop-off, untouched by dust, dirt, and elements from the road. Typically, people looking to transport racing cars, custom cars, classic cars, luxury cars, or exotic vehicles will choose this service, but anyone can ask to have their car shipped encased.

Any modifications or additions to a car, like lift kits, larger tires/rims, vehicles dropping lower to the ground, or anything similar, should be stated up front so that American Auto Shipping can assign the appropriate carriers. If for whatever reason American Auto Shipping is not able to send a clients car/vehicle within that timeframe, a customer can cancel at any time by writing in any cause, and a $200.00 non-refundable charge is waived.

Many people are unaware of just how cheap car shipping rates truly are, but when calculating all of the out-of-pocket expenses, the personal time involved, and the both the physical and mental strain of driving yourself to a new location, you quickly will see how convenient and stress-free it can be to get your vehicle shipped by a car moving company, particularly one that owns their own fleet of carriers, such as National Dispatch.

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